H&H Inspection Services mold growth areas and testing and sampling for moldH & H Inspection Services specializes in mold testing, sampling and inspection services for homes and businesses in Doylestown, PA. Our licensed and certified mold inspection technicians are experts and identifying potential mold growth areas and testing and sampling for mold. We mold test in residential and commercial properties in Doylestown, PA.

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mold inspection and testing servicesOur mold inspection services include the management of indoor air quality and mold sampling for all types of mold including toxic black mold, environmental assessment, infrared thermal imaging, lab testing, and if needed, referrals for mold remediation and removal.

Our licensed and insured mold inspectors use their years of experience and training plus cutting edge technology like infrared cameras and moisture meters to efficiently detect potentially harmful mold in your Doylestown, PA house or commercial property.

We provide mold inspection, testing and sampling for all types of buildings in Doylestown, PA including homes, office buildings, churches, schools, apartments, hotels, restaurants, medical and dental offices and retail space. We test for mold in attics, basements, crawl spaces and storage areas.

mold inspection and testing services