Stucco & EIFS Inspection & Testing in Levittown, PAH & H Inspection Services have licensed and insured Stucco & EIFS Inspectors available to perform stucco & EIFS inspections on your Levittown, PA home or commercial building. The industry estimates that 80 to 90 percent of all stucco homes will experience some degree of moisture problems during their life.

The first step to reducing or eliminating the costs to repair or replace your stucco is have one of our licensed and insured Levittown, PA Stucco & EIFS Inspectors do a thorough inspection. Call us now for more information or to schedule an appointment. (610) 948-9196

Infrared Thermal Imaging for Stucco & EIFS Inspections in Levittown, PAOnly a comprehensive professional moisture intrusion inspection can identify the issues behind the stucco. Our Levittown Stucco & EIFS Inspection process includes a visual inspection, infrared thermal imaging, invasive moisture tests (if necessary) and a comprehensive inspection report. The level of moisture content of the homes substrate, including recent weather conditions, tells us how the issues need to be addressed.

Your H & H inspector will review all areas of concern at the time of the inspection and provide you a report that includes moisture levels, problem areas, and information about windows, caulking, flashing, and other pertinent information pertaining to stucco or EIFS.

Have more questions about Levittown, PA Stucco & EIFS Inspections? Check out our Stucco & EIFS FAQs.